Corporate Risk Assessment

Statistics produced by RoSPA show that drivers who drive for work have a higher accident risk than the general driving population and Company car drivers are 49% more likely to be involved in a collision than ordinary drivers, even after their higher mileages are taken into account.     

In addition to testing and training driving skills, I can offer significant expertise in the management of occupational road risks.  As a qualified Police Senior Investigating Officer and Health & Safety Risk Assessor, I have investigated many road collisions subject to independent scrutiny by the Police Complaints Authority and Health and Safety Executive.  

I also have experience of directing investigations seeking to prove the offence of Corporate Manslaughter. Following a recent review conducted on behalf a local company, I was able to make 24 recommendations on how their liability could be reduced and driver performance increased.  

Following implementation of my recommendations, changes to working practices and training gave a commercial advantage in securing a large government contract. I have also been engaged in providing specialist driver training for United Nations staff at various bases worldwide for several years.